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“Sad” – seasonal affective disorders

Do you know that…?

“Autumn Chandra” is not only the wording that some of us attribute to ourselves and their decline in mood each year in the autumn and winter season?

  • This “ailment” affects a large part of our society annually (about 10%). Particular women between 20 and 40 years old.
  • In some people, a seasonal lack of mood and lack of taking any steps to improve their well -being. Can lead to major problems with mental health, and as a result to depression?
  • “Sad” (from English sad) – “Seasonal affective disorder” is the right name that functions in the medical world.

Autumn chandra

When autumn comes, when the season of holidays, life outside in the sunny days ends. The days become shorter, rainy and gray. Sometimes we have a sense of anxiety, a decrease in mood or lack of motivation.

Serotonin, which is responsible for our good mood, gives way to melatonin, which increases our lethargy and apathy. Often, our natural sleep rhythm is completely disturbed, and the biological clock is discontinued.

How to deal with growing stress, complete lack of motivation, a decrease in mood? How to tame and not get in autumn chand and not let it appear in our lives permanently.

Today I will share with you my experiences. In 10 points I will describe to you what helped me in this difficult time.

“Sad” got me in the past every year. But for 2 years, I followed the rules I setted up  and it’s this what exactly helped me to break free from this depressing routine.

Ways for autumn chandra

1. Conscious time management

I immediately go to the most important point, which in my opinion helped me the most. Finding a hobby, class, passion, something I will devote all the time that I have in the autumn. Keep busy these long and dark evenings, this is my key to success. Before the autumn and winter season starts for good, I always think about what I will do in my free time. I am not talking about lying in front of the TV, watching series or reading books.

I always try to find something that will totally absorb me. Which I will devote every free moment to. Something that I will create with my creative work. And in the future I will look at it without saying the words “I did it”.

Last autumn, I began to learn a new language – French. At that moment completely out of curiosity and pleasure. Today it turns out that it was the best decision, because I currently live in France. And the love of my life is from here.

This year I am starting to create a shop with hand -painted clothes. The bar is high, but you can’t let it go.

2. Physical activity in the fight against autumn Chandra

Physical activity also has a high position on my list. Banality, but in my case the necessity and way for a good mood.

Today I can’t imagine one day without any form of physical effort – whether a walk, yoga or training hit.

I am convinced that exercise and physical activity simply enter into the habit. Giving yourself 2-3 weeks, breaking and being regular. You can realized that exercises are the perfect way to spend free time. As I mentioned earlier, today I can’t imagine life without physical effort. For me, exercises in the morning work the most.

Morning training gives me an injection of endorphins. Paradoxically gives me a lot of strength and energy. Gives me the right tone for the whole day and incredibly motivates me to act.

In my opinion, breaking and overcoming your physical barriers has a huge impact on our mental and mental strength.

I also use the 3x30x130 principle, which is at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I try to keep my heart’s heart rate at 130 beats per minute. This is a principle recommended by the World Health Organization. Regular raising of heart rate helps in the fight against many diseases. Above all, ensures that our heart is in great condition for as long as possible.

Movement is healthy, and especially in autumn it will be a free drug for chandra and bad mood.

3. Sun and mood – light therapy as one of the ways for autumn chandra

There are two options to solve the problem of insufficient sun.

The first of them is extremely simple: pack your suitcase and go to warm countries.

In this situation, I recommend visiting the website: SKYSCANNER. It will allow you to find a ticket anywhere (exactly yes, you can choose any date and select the destinations as a turnighere).

The second way only requires you to move out of the house. When the sky is cleared up and the rays of the sun break into my house. I dress warmly and comfortably. If possible, every day I try to spend at least half an hour for a walk in the open air.

Sometimes it may require a little more effort from us. Sometimes you just don’t want to leave a warm room, but believe me, it’s worth it.

A quick walk will “refresh” your head, clarify thoughts, engraving, warm up the body, stimulate circulation. And such a walk in the evening, just before bedtime, will significantly improve its quality.

Useful in the fight against seasonal depression are also available for home use, special lamps, which, simulating sunlight, put us in a better mood and reduce the feeling of anxiety and irritability.

You can find many such lamps for Amazon

Also Philips has very interesting lamps in its offer:

4. To stress I say “no” – beat stress

Stress next to fatigue and uncertainty is the most common emotion.

A huge part of us struggle with stress every day, and such long and chronic stress is, according to WHO (World Health Organization), the most harmful factor threatening our health. I devote a large part of my day to fighting stress, especially now.

How to deal with stress? (Meditation, meditation and meditation again. By the way, this solution works best in my case).

The thing I have been practicing for a long time is to turn off messages, facts, information, news … At the moment I cut myself off from statistics, strikes, fake news and conspiracy theories. Continuous and obsessive exposure of your head to the uninterrupted stream of bad and negative information increased incredibly the level of fear and stress I feel.

Don’t get me wrong, I still try to be up to date with what is happening in the world, but now I give myself all the information in much smaller and more easily absorbable doses.

For over a year, I also introduced yoga and breathing exercises to my graphic artist, it has largely helped me deal with stress and calmed my head.

The last thing that helps me fight stress is supplementation that I will talk about in the next point.

5. Supplementation with the head as a support of the fight against autumn Chandra

Recently, it gave me a thought that I heard from a doctor.

“Appropriate supplementation of vitamin D and magnesium can significantly increase the quality of life.”

As recommended, I started, preceded by medical examinations, magnesium supplementation, and vitamin D. I do blood tests regularly, but recently, I also examine the level of vitamin D, which has an unimaginably significant impact on our immunity, but also on our mental health.

I supplement vitamin D all year round, similarly to magnesium and B vitamins. Magnesium baths are an interesting method to increase magnesium. All you have to do is buy a huge magnesium chloride packaging and you can enjoy relaxing and significantly lowering the stress levels.

I recommend trying this method, but as I mentioned earlier, it is important to introduce supplements with your head, as recommended by the doctor, or after prior blood tests after finding any deficiencies.

Probiotics also play a very important role. If you’ve ever noticed a problem with your intestines, you should definitely explore this topic. At the moment I do not supplement probiotics, but I regularly eat products that help to keep my bacterial flora in good condition, pickled products, yogurt with probiotics, and clocks.

6. Sleep as a fight with Autumn Chandra – quality versus quantity

In the fight against the symptoms of autumn depression, qualitative rest is extremely important.

When we get up in the morning rested and rested, it is immediately easier for us to look positively at the reality that surrounds us. I try to make my dream last about 8 hours.

It is also important that your sleep is qualitative, deep, relaxing and regenerating. I do a few things to ensure that my night rest is calm and uninterrupted.

According to the principle from point 4, I do not expose myself to unnecessary media noise and a multitude of bad information, especially before going to sleep.

I make sure that the “images” to which my head will be exposed just before bedtime are positive, soothing and put me into a blissful state of relief.

Just before going to bed, it is important to put the phone aside, and in return reach for your favorite book. It is also important that the air in the room is fresh, so do not forget to ventilate it. In introducing the right mood just before bedtime, you can also help, including your favorite calm music, or, for example, an application with an endless gallery of soothing sounds and noises that calm thoughts, cleanse the head and help us fall into a blissful and peaceful sleep.

In order to control the quality of sleep, the very useful device is the Oura Ring they are overwhelming the quality of your sleep.

7. A healthy diet so open the fridge and I will tell you what humor you have …

For years I have been a hard follower of the principle “you are what you eat” and most of the meals I eat throughout the day I prepare myself at home (I think it will be about 95% of all meals).

Say what you want, but in my opinion a good diet is the key to a good mood. I don’t know about you, but after eating some fast food and the whole packet of chips I feel … bad. Contrary to appearances, to improve the mood of snacks, they do the opposite.

All day of a bad diet and terrible food, they only cause me remorse, total precipitation.

A nutritious meal from the other side gives me a need to survive all day energy, strength and significantly improves my mood. Every day I make sure that my diet does not lack a valuable source of protein, the right portion of vegetables and fruits, and valuable fats.

8. The soul of the Society

I am aware that statements such as “do not locate yourself at home”, “go to people”, they can now be a bit controversial, but I still think that being in good company is able to get us out of apathy and put us into us Better mood.

Physical contact with a loved one, meeting a friend and family, talking together and spending time in a group of people who are important to you are crucial in taking care of mental and mental health.

I myself, once avoided social situations, which often gave me almost a panic attack. Now I can’t wait for me to meet my family, friends again, and social contacts are now gaining a completely different dimension and meaning.

9. “I”, “mine”, “me” – egoist from holidays

Remember yourself, take care of your needs, at least to spoil, dissolve and put yourself in 1st place.

Do not forget that throughout the hustle and bustle of the day, a week, among all these duties, a lot of work, shopping, find time only for yourself.

For me, the ability to spend time only with each other and with my thoughts is an important role. It’s the way to balance and happiness, and thus to improve mood.

It may turn out that it is not such a simple matter. Turn off the TV, computer, put off the phone and newspaper and simply listen to yourself. Your thoughts in the world, you can deal with something that has been tired of you for some time.

It is also worth remembering that sometimes it is worth “going crazy”. Do something you dream about for a long time, not put away things later. Treat yourself to a home spa, put on your face your favorite mask, or buy a long -desired purse.

Sometimes you just have to improve your mood, which may seem shallow and trivial. A glass of your favorite wine. Turning on your beloved movie, can just protect you from negative emotions and a bad mood.

10. Appreciate …

Another banality, but it took me a moment before I learned to appreciate what I have. Small moments, often undecided moments, fleeting ..

Just start to appreciate what you have, a roof over your head, two healthy arms and legs, a loved one next to it, a happy child, or a great job.

Take care of small things, smile at a stranger on the street, make you smile on your husband, sister, mother, friend …

Appreciate every ray of sun warming up your cheek, and amazing colors of autumn leaves … fall in love with yourself this fall.

Enjoy life and do more.

Autumn Chandra – Fighting seasonal depression

I hope that my experience in the fight against seasonal depression will help at least one of you.

My autumn Chandra has not caught up this year. To be honest, all year 2022, he was full of emotions and events. I am full of hope that everyone will find something special this fall. Something that will allow them to slightly go through this time.

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