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Let me start with a very simple task.

Answer the question: Name 3 people in your life that you love the most.

I’m sure many of you have answered: boyfriend/girlfriend, parent, child, brother/sister, and many more examples.

Now, how many of you have mentioned yourself?

Shouldn’t we put ourselves first? Is loving yourself selfish?

The relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we create in life. It largely depends on how we live with others.

So many of us often avoid solitude, we consider it a symptom of narcissism. However, it is not about focusing too much on yourself, but about a healthy relationship with yourself. Healthy, or what exactly?

Taking care of the spiritual sphere is a frequent reflection, but not only. It is also extremely important to take concrete action, thanks to which thoughts will change reality. A well-groomed spiritual sphere means better coping with stress, greater openness to people and situations, as well as the ability to manage emotions. Only precious things that make reality lighter.

Take the next step in building faith and self-love today.

Go on a date, but this time with yourself.

Think of this exercise as this week’s task – one that you absolutely must do. Regardless of the number of classes, for too short a day and still waiting matters to be dealt with.

Plan this moment first

Ideally, you’d have the whole day off, but let’s be real, it’s rarely possible. Therefore, plan at least a few hours. When you get out of the embrace of the calendar, phone, plans and backlog. Plan this moment, that is, define it specifically in time and inform all people who would like to occupy this time with you. No one has the right to disturb you at this point. Only you matter.

Go on a date with yourself – a way to celebrate body, soul and mind

Each of these actions affects the state of mind above all. Developing self-love is a very important part of development. Note, however, that self-love is not just about thinking about yourself in a certain way. Equally important is whether your thoughts are reflected in reality.

Start with the body

Take a long and very conscious shower or bath. Make sure to record what is happening around you. Notice the sounds, feel the touch of the towel, concentrate on the smells. I encourage you to try shower meditation.

Let me show you what meditation is all about.

Put on something comfortable and pleasant to the touch

Time for yourself can be a time filled with bliss, pleasant feelings. If you have a soft bathrobe in your closet, put it on the radiator while taking a bath. Such a warm compress works wonderfully on a relaxed body. Remember that these pleasant, soothing sensations also affect your mind. Let your imagination run wild, put on your favorite dress or something that makes you feel like the proverbial million dollars. Remember this moment is only for you. Make sure you feel special.

Eat something delicious with yourself

Let it be a meal that gives you pleasure and is the best for you – that is, it has a great impact on your health and well-being. Make sure that your meal consists of things that will not be a remorse for you. Eat something valuable, put aside highly processed products, unhealthy snacks or dishes that are only supposed to clog. Bet on quality. If you can cook and enjoy it, cook something you love. If you prefer restaurants, go to your favorite.

Do some gratitude exercises

First, make a list of 10 things you appreciate about yourself at this point in your life. Take into account recent events and what your everyday life has been like recently. It is these most recent situations that are supposed to give you an answer to the question: what arouses your gratitude?

I have attached a page from my diary that may be helpful for writing down my gratitude:

I’m grateful for…

The full journal you can find on Amazon

You want to organize yourself, be more productive, be creative. And great! You know that planning allows you to save time, it makes it easier to enter the state of flow and maintain work-life balance.

Make a list of the things you have today that used to be a dream

It is often the case that when we reach our goal, we forget about the path we have traveled to make this dream come true. So think about what was your desire a year ago, a few months ago, or maybe even 2 years ago or more, and what you take for granted today.

You will be surprised how many dreams and goals you have fulfilled without paying attention to them.

In addition, in order not to rest on your laurels, I encourage you to carry out an exercise – create a list of 100 goals for the future, which will allow you to remember about your dreams, desires and visions of life.

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Find 5-10 minutes to sit in peace and quiet and look at yourself

Do not turn on the phone, do not focus on tasks and return to reality. Be here and now for a moment.

A date with yourself is a great opportunity to recharge your batteries, reorder your own world and take care of your mental balance. Although you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks, plans, errands or responsibilities, try to turn a blind eye to them on a regular basis. Think about whether you have ever thought that you are wasting the best years of your life just to keep doing SOMETHING. Have you ever gone to bed with the unpleasant conviction that you are just missing a moment in your life when you should experience something, take care of yourself, remember about yourself? Have you ever watched in horror as time passes by? If you feel there’s something to it, go on a date with yourself. You don’t have to leave the house – just get out of your (still busy) world.


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