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Hello World!

It all started in March 2021, when I decided it was time to make changes in my life – it started with a change of job. A completely new environment, only new, unfamiliar faces, and above all, a completely new and fresh start. The place I found turned out to be a breakthrough for my life in the next few months. It was a place where I met wonderful people, a place where I understood what I want from life, and above all a place where I met the love of my life. But before all these positive things happened, unfortunately I had to go through the hell of break up, fighting for myself and loss.

In an instant, a stable life and a vision of any future turned into nothingness. Home, previous plans for the future disappeared, and in return a completely new, fresh and previously unknown feeling appeared – freedom and fulfillment.

Alone in a foreign country, with no one close around, after years of living in the shadow of another person, I decide to take care of myself and focus on what I have always wanted from life – happiness and a sense of feeling safe, which I didn’t get for a very long time.

The person with whom I was sharing my life turned out to be a stranger, and only one question arose in my head – where did I have eyes, what I was thinking about being stuck in something so unhealthy and dangerous.

Probably this question is asked by many people, waking up after time like a bear from a winter dream.

We are stuck in relationships that destroy us from the inside, eat us bit by bit, and then we are left completely alone without getting to know ourselves completely.

Initially, each of us allows ourselves to make small changes in us by our partner – we convince ourselves that it will be better that way, that it is all out of love. Unfortunately, in many cases, it does not end with small changes – after a few years many of us wake up without knowing ourselves fully. We lose our self-esteem, we forget about our goals, plans, dreams, we completely lose our sense of self. Rebuilding these values ​​is laborious, extremely difficult and requires support.

However, remember, nothing is impossible. We are the masters of our own fate and it depends on us how we want to live a given life. At the most unexpected moment, life can change completely, even small situations can completely change the course of our lives. Sometimes one look is enough, one small gesture that can bring to us someone who will make you smile every minute, someone who will make you feel the beauty of the world and start feeling joy at every step. Thanks to whom you will start flying instead of walking.

In this blog, I want to help you deal with the difficult times you are facing or in which you are.

I will focus on providing the right sources of motivation, training what can help to find the best version of yourself.

I hope that together we will create a community that can count on support, a good word, and the opportunity to express yourself.

And remember: Create life you can’t wait to wake up to!

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