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At the beginning of any relationship, there is excitement. You feel great with yourself and every moment feels special. But over time, even the most ideal relationship creeps in. However, there are many couples who, despite many years together, still burst with happiness and look at each other with delight. What’s the secret to a successful relationship?

According to the three-factor theory of love developed by the American psychologist Robert Sternberg, in order to speak of a perfect relationship based on a deep bond, three components must be taken into account:

  • PASSION that’s the body sphere, which is sensual and erotic, but also experiencing intense emotions
  • INTIMACY defined as friendship, emotional closeness
  • COMMITMENT understood as striving to stay in a relationship

If any of these elements are missing in a relationship, love is considered incomplete. Therefore, partners should strive to warm up the atmosphere and cultivate their feelings and mutual relations. As in any area of ​​our lives, we need to work on a relationship and not rest on our laurels. How to avoid routine? Here are the tips.


How many times have you heard that shared passions bode well for the future? True, spending time together strengthens relationships and brings a great deal of satisfaction and joy. Some partners are more similar to each other and finding a common hobby is not a problem. Sometimes, however, you both like completely different things.

Open up to new experiences, to look for interests that will bring you both a lot of joy. One of you loves sports and the other prefers to rest with a book? Do not give up your own passions, but also find a common element. Perhaps you both love wine or cooking. Wine workshops or cooking for two can turn out to be a great pastime, and over time turn into a shared passion. For active people, climbing will certainly turn out to be an interesting form of spending free time – it is an example of a sports discipline in which you need to have a trusted partner. A climbing course and then traveling to rocky areas is a great opportunity to spend more time together.


In order to never get bored with yourself, you have to be able to surprise yourself. A new hairstyle, a small gift are accents that can make the day more pleasant, but even more fun will be an invitation to an elegant dinner, during which you will spend the evening together completely without any occasion. The dating period should definitely not be reserved for a girl and boyfriend who are just getting to know each other. Bet on extraordinary experiences, regardless of the age of your relationship. A sky-high date on a plane during the sightseeing flight will be an unforgettable experience for both of you. Breathtaking views will surely sparkle your eye with a wide smile of joy. From a bird’s eye view, it is worth admiring your hometown or surprising your partner with an unusual attraction during your vacation by choosing a flight over the Mountains or the Bay.

My advice: take time to go somewhere just for the two of you. Put some nice clothes, do make up, make sure that you will feel beautiful. At least once a month try to surprise yourself with new places and attractions each time. I guarantee that you will be looking forward to this day soon.


Everyday life is like a spinning wheel. It’s hard not to fall into a routine when you don’t have enough strength to generate even a little energy after work. There are days when there is not even enough time to sleep. Fatigue and stress are not conducive to building relationships. Depending on the amount of free time available, I offer a luxurious rest in three options.

Massage for Two is the most condensed dose of rest, but it is difficult to find an alternative that will relax your body and raise the atmosphere in a relationship in just 90 minutes.

A day at the SPA guarantees an accumulation of relaxing and caring treatments, thanks to which you will feel an injection of positive energy.

Weekend SPA in turn, is a pleasure in the most luxurious edition – with a bottle of wine, a romantic dinner and a comfortable apartment with the most beautiful views.


The longer you stay together, the more patterns sneak into your life. It’s perfectly normal, as long as it doesn’t completely dominate your relationship. A little bit of spontaneity hasn’t hurt anyone yet. Do something crazy together! Hmm … two adults flying a paraglider or bungee jumping? Why not! It is never too late for new adventures that will accompany you in your memories.


Bang Bang! It is worth defusing negative emotions in a relationship right away. Accumulating tension and negative energy can mess up a lot. During the relationship, each of the partners accumulates minor resentments, which can become stronger with time. Any disagreements can only be cleared up by a sincere conversation. I recommend that you relieve the associated tensions by grabbing a weapon! Don’t worry, I don’t encourage you to hurt each other, it’s better to watch criminal stories only in movies. However, instead of a domestic quarrel, I recommend a visit to the shooting range. The shooting training will provide you with a huge dose of adrenaline! We guarantee that after returning home, no one will even remember minor misunderstandings.

A great way to regain your inner balance and reduce stress is yoga, which is known for its relaxing powers. Individual yoga workshops for couples led by experienced instructors will give you new energy.


Even if you hold very serious positions in large companies on a daily basis, you are responsible parents or simply mature people with a baggage of experience, nothing prevents you from taking a day off from life. There is a little carefree childishness in each of us. So try to admire simple things during a bike trip, a walk in the forest or a picnic on the grass. You can also bet on fun and unusual attractions, such as a hard Monster Truck ride, go-karts or a pontoon rafting.

A sense of humor is one of the features that women notice when they meet their partner. Men love having partners by their side who laugh at their jokes, but are also able to respond with a joke. The ability to treat life with a grain of salt makes it easier to face everyday problems and allows you to come out unscathed from any oppression. Even in long-term relationships, it is not worth giving up making fun of each other and looking for opportunities to laugh together.


Easier said, harder done! Even the most compatible couple can have a very different opinion about their favorite form of relaxation. The best way out of such a situation will be to find a compromise that takes into account the needs of both parties. How about, for example, Moto-Weekend, during which he will find sports emotions and she will be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere of a restored medieval castle? Automotive legends Lamborghini and Ferrari will compete on one of the most modern car tracks, providing you with a huge injection of adrenaline. In the evening, you will completely change the environment by sitting down to a romantic dinner in a restaurant recommended by the Gault & Millau Yellow Guide.

Many people have been trying to answer the question what love really is for centuries. Many poems, essays, treatises, and hymns of praise have been written on this subject. Was the answer found? Perhaps. In my opinion, the secret lies in what answer we are really looking for and what this answer is supposed to be for us. How to distinguish love from fascination? How do you really discover this feeling? Perhaps it is mainly about the other side in which we direct our feeling. Because you can fall in love many times. To love too. But true happiness in love can be obtained with only one person. I found my person and it is thanks to him that life becomes more beautiful. It is said that pink glasses and butterflies will fade over time, but if you are with the right person, that feeling will stay with you as always.


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