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A happy life is a more or less conscious goal for each of us.

Fortunately, there is no recipe. Its level depends on many, often very profound, factors. But…

There are ideas for introducing a little more into your life. I have to keep reminding myself that you don’t always need to work hard to feel better. Sometimes a walk is enough. This is my subjective list, because it is based on my life and experience, but who knows, maybe you will find something for yourself …

There will be things quick, simple and taken from everyday life, but also a little deeper, ready? Let’s start!

Be more in your body and less in your head

Humanly speaking, the idea is to get your body moving, especially when you work a lot with your head, in front of the computer, etc.

For me, the coolest form is the gym. It really managed to get me out of limbo or lack of energy many times. The level of energy in our body really influences our mind and how we perceive the world. Often, after exercising, I started to look at things that previously seemed difficult and incomprehensible to me. I especially recommend it on days when you feel that you don’t want anything and the most tempting thing is to curl up on a comfortable bed and sleep on that mean day.


What is really important to you and what makes you happy? You have twenty-four hours a day.

This is your time budget. What do you want to invest in? The sad news that I have been trying to accept recently is that it is impossible to do everything. The funny thing is that it gives us the opportunity to take care of the really important things. And once you know what’s important, really invest in it – time, money, commitment.

Relationships and a happy life

It’s hard to have a happy life without a relationship. We know it, but we take extra hours at work to be able to afford all sorts of things. People are closed in series and phone calls for the time that we could devote to talking with loved ones.

We work on weekends, promising ourselves not to do it next month. Then, however, an unexpected expense occurs and … again, there is no time. Many people, when remembering the coolest moments of their life so far, see them as themselves with people. Therefore, let us take care of our relations with them. Even if you are tempted to spend all your free time on your phone, it is worth to reserve some of this time for a loved one: a partner, child, friend and staying with her the way you like the most.

Read more about how to make your relationship strong and happy

Delegating tasks and a happy life

Recently, I have been thinking about what life would be like, if we wanted to do everything we think of at work, have a clean apartment, take care of beauty and health (sports, healthy eating, and therefore healthy cooking). It must be interesting how someone is still a parent to all of this.

In addition, we should be satisfied, have time for a partner, develop our passions, we should be well-rested and of course … it is fashionable to slow down and have time for ourselves.

It is impossible to do everything, and even if at what cost? That’s why you choose your priorities and delegate the rest. It sounds very simple, although taking on too many tasks, often has psychological reasons (e.g. problems with setting limits, not knowing your needs, putting yourself last) and psychotherapy can help to solve the problem at its source.

Set yourself realistic goals

As a continuation of posting. If physical activity is important to you, but you say you don’t have time, it may be worth finding the least time-consuming activities. If you don’t have time for 1.5 hours of training, start running 30-40 minutes several times a week. The whole thing with shower and breakfast will take you a little over an hour. To survive You don’t have to be super fit, but these half an hour can give you a feeling of invigorating, energized and healthy in your body. Set yourself realistic goals because: done is better than perfect

A happy life is a good relationship with yourself – be tender with yourself

There will be days when you will be fine. You will be the most ineffective and unhappy person. Give yourself a stroke when you do not do well, instead of riding on yourself.

Do you really feel better when you don’t accept yourself all the time and are still “not enough”, “not enough”?

You are not a machine and you don’t have to be perfect. On days like this, treat yourself as you would treat your own child, a close friend. I assume you’d like to support them. So why not yourself?

Ask yourself a question: Name the 3 people who you love the mostREMEMBERname YOU in that answer

Express yourself

In short, the point is not to swallow emotions (which we are mostly used to from childhood), but to express them in safe conditions. If you have a bad day, see what it would be like to bang your fists on the mattress, scream on the pillow, or put up a picture of someone you are mad at and say a few (un) nice words to him. How sad you are, cry. If you feel helpless, take a notebook and write about this helplessness. The emotions we swallow don’t go away. They are in us and we carry them like luggage. Take it off regularly. It will be easier for you.

I’m proposing you a podcast from Kara Loewenthei -for everyone who has problems with emotions, anxiety.

Do pointless things sometimes – just being is one of the ideas for a happy life

Most of us work in such a way that we must always have a goal. I recently discovered that doing theoretically pointless things can just be a lot of fun. I have very fond memories of the evening ride with my Partner – we had no goal, we just drove around the city to music. Moments like this when you do something that won’t give you any measurable results can help you just enjoy the moment and taste life.

Mindfulness and a happy life

I will not write any philosophical reflections, mindfulness can be described using the title of one of my beloved books on the subject: Wherever You Are – Be. It is supposed to be easy, but in fact most of us are in our thoughts, plans for the future, and the present moment is running out. It’s a pity because she is always the only one we really have. My way (when I remember this mindfulness) is to slowly come back from running and enjoy the view, to slowly taste my food, or to meditate.

Therapy and a happy life

Therapy is the best way of working known to me at the moment, which allows you to build a better life more consciously. Contrary to circulating myths, it’s not only for people who can’t cope in life. More and more people who, in terms of society, have a successful life, choose therapy.

To better understand yourself, to improve the quality of relationships, to be able to let go. More and more famous bloggers, athletes and celebrities are saying bluntly that they are in therapy, debunking the myth that it’s only for crazy people.

If you want to invest in your development and focus on the deeper layers of your inner world, check what serves you and what does not, this is a very good way.

Here you can find few websites with online therapy:

BetterHelp -The world’s largest online therapy service

  • Free evaluations to assess your needs
  • Video, phone, live chat, messaging
  • Unlimited messaging, cancel anytime

ReGain -Couples therapists trained in relationship counseling

  • Individual and couples counseling
  • Video, phone, live chat, messaging
  • 3-way call for couples in separate locations

Teen Counseling -Specialists in therapy to help teens flourish

  • Gives parents peace of mind
  • App, text, phone, or video
  • Learn coping skills online

What are your ways to have a happy life? Let me know


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  1. What a nice post. Staying in the body is a good tip, as the mind-body connection cannot be denied. I too have gotten out of many funks just through exercise alone. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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