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Certainly for me, this is the most productive part of the day. In the morning I have the most energy after my restorative sleep, it is the morning that sets the tone for my whole day and it is in the first hours of the day that I try to use this energy to do as much as possible and not waste enormous amounts of strength, willingness and motivation. That how we start our day is certainly influenced by the type of work we do, whether you are a busy mother, an independent freelancer or a full-time employee. It is worth, however, no matter what type of work you do, to ensure that the start of a new day, your Morning Routine, is pleasant… just for you.


Personally, I am an organization freak. I love having everything under control, the space around me needs to be organized, I love making to-do lists and planning things for the future. How does this trait of mine relate to how I start my day, you ask?

Let me explain. When I was working full-time, the key was to plan the morning, already in the evening of the previous day. I really appreciate 8 hours of sleep and I’m not going to waste time in the morning on something that I can easily “drumm” in the evening, which gives me extra time to sleep in the morning.

In the evening of the previous day, I always prepared myself breakfast (usually a cocktail), coffee was waiting for me in the coffee maker, ready to start, clothes neatly arranged waiting for me on the couch. Good planning of the morning before going to work gave me incredible control and made the activities that I did every day become a habit for me, and I was able to make every move with practically closed eyes.


For some time now, I have been testing a pattern and the way I start my day.

I have noticed that what I think about when I wake up, what attitude I leave bed with, what I say first in the morning has a huge impact on the nature of the day, my mood and how things will go on.

Don’t get me wrong, there are mornings when everyone has a drop in mood, it rains outside the window, and we do not have the will and strength to leave our warm bed, but it is worth trying and taking control, in a real way, by willpower and attitude , influence what our coming day will look like.


1. Get some sleep

There is probably nothing worse than a late night. Numerous studies show that everything below 7 hours is bullshit, and for me the optimal length of sleep is 7.5 hours. It will probably be a different number for everyone, but it is worth ensuring a quality and relaxing holiday.

I recommend a very interesting podcast about the importance of sleep in our lives:

2. Open your eyes and say it will be a beautiful day

This is what I mentioned earlier. Open your eyes and tell yourself that this coming day will be beautiful and special (a lie told a thousand times becomes true 🙂 jokes aside, I noticed that if I force myself to say these words in the morning, throw away all negative thoughts and say with conviction. in your mind, be aloud “it will be a wonderful day Sylwia” .. by manifesting this very thought, I feel better, easier, easier …

3. Death to alarm clocks

Personally, I am one of those people who, if they follow their routine, stick to their sleeping hours and lead a regulated lifestyle, do not need an alarm clock. My internal clock wakes me up every day around 6.30. I noticed that when I wake up alone, without the help of the alarm clock, it is easier for me to leave the bed, I am full of energy to start with, I do not feel aggressively wrenched out of sleep and tense. I realize that this probably won’t apply to everyone. In my opinion, if you use an alarm clock and you are not an early riser, it is worth placing the alarm clock in the next room, for example. Pulling out and setting a million naps is also not a good idea.

4. Ventilate the apartment

The cool, refreshing air right after getting out of bed is something that will stimulate the body and refresh the mind. Airing bedding and rooms also has a huge impact on getting rid of bacteria, germs and mold in the interior. For me, this is a necessary step that I practice every day, not only in the morning.

5. Linen the bed

I know it may seem trivial and irrelevant to some, but making a bed in the morning gives a feeling of self-control, order and exercises our self-discipline. It is worth remembering, however, that before we make the bed, you should ventilate the bedroom first, leave the bedding for a moment to breathe. Bedding fresh from sleep, remembering the heat of our body, will be a source of multiplication of mites. It is worth giving her a moment, the optimal option – “throw” the bedding outside for proper ventilation.

6. A glass of lemon water to start the day

You can hear about the benefits of drinking water at every step. Such a solid glass of water in the morning, with the addition of lemon, stimulates digestion, hydrates the body, stimulates our digestive system, and helps remove toxins from the body. Personally, I don’t even have to force myself to do it, this is what my body wants in the morning and this is what I provide for it every morning.

7. Coffee snob

I know that drinking coffee right after waking up is not the healthiest habit, let alone drinking it on an empty stomach – horror. They say you shouldn’t drink coffee until a few hours after you wake up (assuming you wake up early). Apparently, the optimal time is 10.30, because just then, the level of cortisol, i.e. the stress hormone, decreases. I also know that if you have stress problems, coffee is not going to be a good choice either, because it intensifies the racing of thoughts and fuels our negative attitudes. Nevertheless, she admits without hitting “I’m a coffee snob and I know it.” I love a big cup of coffee in the morning, it gives me energy, my mind works better, I am ready to act and let’s face it, I love its taste.

8. Save social media for later

Of course, in a perfect world, with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in my hand, I would start my morning sitting in front of the house, overlooking the beautiful nature and the sun warming my cheeks accompanied by singing birds…. I dreamed a bit;) Let’s get down to earth. Starting the day with a phone in hand, scrolling Instagram, is a picture that probably does not surprise anyone, but whether it is good for our morning well-being – not necessarily. I definitely try to avoid this no good ritual for my morning. Such a bombardment in the morning with unreal fasts and perfect people in impeccable surroundings while we are sitting disheveled, in a coffee-drenched bathrobe, on the couch in disarray can be a bit frustrating. It is definitely worth reaching for a book, magazine, read or write some inspiring and motivating affirmations in the morning – positive vibes only …

9. Music like a drug

If only music was in pill form, it would very likely become available from the age of 18. If airing the apartment, a glass of water or morning coffee has not helped – turn on some energizing sound. Play your favorite piece out loud, which always makes your body dance and your lips sing in a harmonious duet with the author. Music is incredibly powerful, try it – it’s worth it.

10. Plan your day

Some go with the flow – jealous. Not knowing what the day will bring, be free and wait for the delicate signs of the universe, follow thr intuition, enjoy the moment, take handfuls of the day, sail on a raft and become the captain of your own destiny … The dream of most of the people, but so far, the list man, – me, plans meticulously, writes down things to do, and I tick off individual tasks with satisfaction. Certainly, such prior planning of the coming day can be very helpful. In the case of a freelancer (but not only), such a task-oriented approach may turn out to be the key to success.

11. Move that body

Personally, I have been a supporter of evening training for years, but with age, my preferences regarding the time when I will devote myself entirely to physical activity have changed. I love a good workout in the morning. That feeling when I just have to or I’ll go crazy. I know it’s an addiction, but I think there are many worse things that I could get addicted to. I love movement, I love to give myself a hard time to feel that I am alive. Physical activity gives your head a break, relaxes, has a positive effect on the work of our heart, adds energy … It is worth finding your favorite form of activity, be it walking, jogging, yoga. After all, in a fit body, a happy spirit.

Here you have the previous post about the trainings: MOVE YOUR BODY

12. The most and the most difficult – only in the morning

Due to the fact that in the morning we have the most strength and vitality, it is worth doing as many activities as possible at the beginning of the day. Whether it’s the thing that requires the most concentration from us, or the most physically demanding, I think mornings are the perfect time to devote to the most difficult and demanding tasks. Personally, in the morning I am able to do all the household cleaning, from putting in the laundry, through cooking dinner, preparing breakfast, lunch or covering the apartment. It gives me an amazing peace of mind when, after completing all my duties, I can sit down to work with a clear conscience, or give myself up with pleasure. Do as much as possible in the morning – thank you for the advice later 🙂

14.Pajamas and bathrobe are not OOTD

Of course, there are days, such as Christmas or New Year’s mornings, the day after birthdays, a friend’s wedding, or … “just another manic Monday”;), when we want to spend the whole day in what we sleep in the night before. It is worth, however, that these were exceptions to the rule, and not necessarily the rule. Remember, there is nothing worse than opening the door to a handsome courier in total ignorance;) Take off your pajamas, take a refreshing shower, wrap your hair, put on some clothes or some elegant tracksuit. Life will immediately seem more beautiful and orderly to you.

14. Make someone happy

I know that on a daily basis, often spoken or heard “how are you?” can mean nothing. It is a matter of courtesy, good manners, habit. But when did you really become interested in someone else’s fate or put a smile on the other person’s face? Once upon a time selflessness, good manners, brotherhood … today – hate, jealousy, insincere intentions.

At which point, being the simplest in the world nice and straightforward, gave way to hidden intentions and being eternally “no”. My daily rule is sincere intention, sincere concern for the other person, devoting time, listening, helping, bringing a smile to the face of the person next to me. When I worked full-time, among more people, it was even my challenge. I love the feeling when someone next to me made a smile on a previously pouted face, I love the feeling when someone who may not feel at their peak at this point, after a short conversation, or just sitting in silence and watching a stupid show will feel better. I like the sound of the words “sleep well”, “have a nice day”, “wonderful weekend” or “I love you” … To make someone next to you smile, seemingly so simple …

15. Breakfast of the champions

And finally, “the cherry on the cake”, “creme de la cream” – nutritious breakfast.

Probably my favorite meal of the day, apart from lunch and dinner;) – big secret … I love to eat :). You can go crazy here. Calories don’t play a role. You’ll burn everything during the day anyway. Eat breakfast like a king. Only healthy. Fruit, oats, smoothie, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, shakshouka, avocado toast, breakfast burrito…. there is nothing more than to wish you – enjoy it 🙂


Perhaps only at the weekend, ideally every morning. You are only 15 steps away from starting your day… PERFECT.

Try it and see for yourself. Before using the advice, make sure you know where to send the thanks 🙂 Contact in the tab on the website 🙂

I convey to you with all my heart and sincere intentions my knowledge and experience, with a smile on my face, I wish you… a wonderful day.


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