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This article is for everyone who decides to start planning in their own way, without the rigid planning system imposed by calendars and planners.

The entry is directed to all those who already plan in ready-made planners or notebooks as well as to those who intend to start their adventure with planning. I want to share with you the planner that was created by me. The version I am presenting to you is a test version and I count on your feedback on what you think about this form.

So let’s start!!

You want to organize yourself, be more productive, be creative. And great! You know that planning allows you to save time, it makes it easier to enter the state of flow and maintain work-life balance. Otherwise you wouldn’t look for ways to improve your work. The decision has been made, you want to organize yourself with the help of the organizer. Unfortunately, it often turns out that after a short time we put the planner on the shelf. Why is this happening? Where has the error occurred?


Was the choice of planner deliberate or spontaneous? Many of the habits that we try to introduce into our lives blur somehow after a few attempts, and eventually we give up or forget about our decision at all. You sure know it. Planning is similar. Planning is not what we have in our blood. And even if we really want to do it, we have to find a way to make it “very” enough and to actually introduce time organization into our everyday life permanently. Just like going to the gym, you have to find your own way not to let go. 

The habit is about having a concrete implementation plan for it and sticking to it. If you want to exercise, you choose a specific day of the week, time of day or time and place of exercise. If you want to learn a language, you set a reminder on your phone and sit down to study. The planner can be operated in the same way. 

For example: Every evening, after watching an episode of a series or evening meditation, sit at the table and plan your next day. Every Sunday after lunch, sit down with your coffee and think about your goals for the coming week and take notes. You draw up your finances on the first day of the month before you get paid, and so on. Create your planning routine to make it fun to work with the diary. So that you enjoy using it. Remember that any relationship takes time and getting used to each other – and so is the subject.


Create a unique relationship with the planner. Before starting, consider what your organizational system will be. Although the planners propose a specific planning style, they do not impose it. So you can personalize it according to your own needs. You can enter priority tasks in order of importance or randomly and color the most important ones. It’s up to you to be comfortable with your planner. Play with colors, e.g. red mark appointments, black things to do (like doctor’s appointments), blue for classes (gym, university). The most important idea is what you want to plan and what it should help you with. Maybe you want to see how much time you devote to different life zones, or maybe you don’t want to forget about important matters.


You surely know the beautiful bullet journal in which each headline is a small masterpiece of calligraphy, and each artwork is refined down to the smallest detail.

I present to you ideas to make planning easier than ever.

Simple color code

When you are creating a planner, it is worth creating a color code. Thanks to it, the layouts will be more readable and you will find your notes faster. Try not to use the entire rainbow of colors. You only waste your time and the journal is no longer legible. Keep it simple

Washi tape

Would you like to easily browse your diary? Use the washi tape and create little tabs.

Ready-to-print planners

Use ready to print planers. This is the perfect solution to save time and use a ready-made layout. (You can find one of this kind of planer in the top of the post – planer made by me)

Place in the planner

The fact that there is quite a lot place in the planer does not mean that you have to use every line of it. There is a high probability that you will fail to complete all of the tasks and you will only feel overwhelmed by the waiting list of tasks. If you have free time, you’d better add another task than get frustrated with the endless TO DO list.

Check off completed tasks

You did an assignment on your list, tick it off or chart it. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction with yourself that you are carrying out your planned activities and you can move on to the next task on the list.

The planner is designed to give you the opportunity to personalize – color marking individual tasks, space for notes, brainstorms and inspiration. It is meant to be an item that you will enjoy. It’s meant to encourage you to use, be your style, perfect to have with you at all times. This could be the start of a great adventure that will allow you to plan and organize your day.

Remember: Every moment is right to start working on yourself. Yours starts NOW.

6 thoughts on “PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE”

  1. I love anything to do with productivity and planning, both digital and analogue. Lately I’ve been using digital because of the convenience, but I always enjoy good ol’ pen and paper. Thanks for this therapeutic post!

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