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Romanticizing life has recently become extremely popular on social media. This is a motto adopted by both influencers and less “known” people who are looking for a little attention and gratitude in their everyday life. If you don’t know what it’s all about, I’ll explain the phenomenon below.

Healthy behaviors are not always promoted on the Internet. Being on social media can lead to pretending, comparing yourself to others and filtering reality to show only the most desirable aspects of your life. However, in the case of romanticizing life, this proposition is both positive and beneficial. It suggests that you should be aware of every second of your life, enjoy it and value it as it is. Do you think you could start romanticizing your life? Read on to find out more.

Romanticizing life

This phenomenon has no rules or fixed steps. Everyone adapts this approach to their own preferences and capabilities. Its premise is to leave life on autopilot and start appreciating the beauty around you. Every day you do endless activities that you hardly notice because at the same time you are either reminiscing about the past or worrying about the future. Your life is passing by and you never appreciate any moment.

Moreover, you despise your daily routine, analyzing every moment of boredom in detail, waiting for the weekend, vacation or perfect future. What if you took a little more time to be grateful for what you already have? Try to appreciate and feel grateful for your experiences. How about changing your defeatist speech to something more inspiring and motivating?

The benefits of romanticizing your life

You might think this sounds like a fairly trivial trend. Undoubtedly, there are those who only look at it from an aesthetic perspective, but if you assimilate its essence and start using it, it can bring you several benefits. These are among others:

Positive emotions

Romanticizing life is an invitation to experience positive emotions as it leads to creating pleasant and comfortable spaces and experiences for yourself. This is similar to the Danish hygge philosophy. It is about creating cozy and pleasant environments and moments in your everyday life that make you feel better.

For example, keeping your home clean and tidy, burning scented candles, and using certain materials you enjoy. This can also include presenting your meals in a colorful and appetizing way and serving them on plates you like. These small details generate peace, quiet, pleasure and mental order.

Self-care exercise

Romanticization suggests that you begin to see yourself as the main character of your own movie. This means that you pay attention to yourself and take care of your well-being. In addition, this approach encourages you to take time for yourself, your physical and mental health, personal development, hobbies and emotions.

Some common practices for romanticizing your life include reading daily, keeping a journal, taking care of your skin and physical appearance, and going out alone. All of these activities, while simple, foster introspection, boost your self-esteem, and can help you get to know and love yourself in ways you never knew before.

Living in the present

Mindfulness is a concept that, when put into practice, has numerous benefits. More specifically, it helps prevent and combat stress, anxiety and depression as it increases attention and emotion and promotes greater awareness and balance. In this way, mindfulness enables you to accept the present without judging it and reduces emotional reactivity.

By romanticizing your life, you choose to be present in every moment, experiencing it with all your five senses, appreciating and savoring it, instead of losing yourself in mental wanderings. The view from the window, a particular song, a conversation with a friend or a walk in nature become moments to savor and connect with.

Developing good habits

Another benefit of romanticizing is establishing good habits and maintaining them to generate commitment to yourself. Romanticizing life means getting involved in a routine. You design it in such a way that it allows you to move forward, develop and create the best version of yourself.

You will find that you will strengthen your self-esteem, self-confidence and satisfaction with life. In addition, setting personal goals and achieving them promotes the release of dopamine. It is the reward hormone associated with motivation.

Strengthening your social relationships

Your social life will also improve as romanticizing helps you focus on your relationships. Make sure you surround yourself with inspiring people who enrich you and help you achieve your goals.

If so, perhaps from now on you will be able to see them better and appreciate their company more. Before, you might have taken them for granted. This approach promotes an open mind. It allows you to successfully observe others and understand that everyone has something to offer. Moreover, it helps to understand that you can learn from anyone.

How to start romanticizing your life?

In order for life not to go unnoticed, it is necessary to begin to romanticize it. Think of yourself as the main character and appreciate all the little things that make life beautiful. 

How to do it?

1. Incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine

Start paying more attention to every activity you do. When you brew tea, pay attention to its smell. While waiting for the water, stay with your thoughts for a while. As you take your first sip, focus on the temperature of the tea and its flavor. Enjoy the little things that are obvious to you and are a huge luxury.

2. Leave your phone and reach for a book

Books open up a new world for us. By reading, we can experience thousands of stories and get inspired in our own lives. Reading a book can become a ritual in conjunction with your favorite drink, e.g. freshly brewed coffee.

3. Slow down

Haste is contrary to the idea of romanticizing life. It is important to act with grace. Dedicating exactly as much as you need to each activity without unnecessary stress and putting your heart into what we do. If we do something with full concentration, then we get the best results.

4. Design your perfect morning

The beginning of the day is often filled with rush, so to enjoy life more, design your perfect morning. Get up early to give yourself more time for each activity and choose activities that will give you energy and inspiration for the day. This could be, for example, a yoga sequence, a book chapter with tea, or meditation.

5. Create an inspiring playlist

Music can change the mood. Think about how you want to feel and create a playlist that reflects those emotions. When you listen to her, you will feel like the main character of your life.

6. Buy flowers

Surrounding yourself with plants at home creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers or a new plant that will breathe new life into your interior. Let these flowers be a symbol of self-love for you.

7. Run your imagination

Dream dreams that uplift your spirits. As you prepare to leave in the morning, imagine the vacation of your dreams. Resting after work, think about a beautiful declaration of love. Do not be afraid of dreaming. Imagination knows no limits. It’s the road to freedom.

8. Refresh your space

Do a general cleanup, rearrange furniture or add unique accessories. Buy something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Refreshing your home will give you new energy and help inspire inspiration.

9. Plan your perfect day

What day would you rate as perfect? Write down your ideas and arrange them into a plan that you will implement on your day off. Enjoy every moment of it.

10. Leave nothing for special occasions

If you have crockery you never use or a dress you’re saving up for a special occasion, why not use them now? Why not make every day special? Prepare a special meal for yourself, open a good wine, play beautiful music and create a unique occasion yourself.

11. Give yourself time to contemplate

A time when you don’t have to do anything and when you don’t have any expectations. You just are and you let everything be as it is. You stare at a beautiful landscape, a painting or close your eyes and feel a gentle breeze on your cheeks. These moments are the most important.

12. Light the candles

Candlelight is beautiful and calming. Light candles in the apartment and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. You can also use your favorite scented candles that put you in a blissful mood.

13. Write letters

There is something romantic about writing letters. You put your feelings on paper by putting them in beautiful words. Take the time to write a letter to your loved one and post it. You can also write a letter to yourself.

14. Write in a journal

Be honest with yourself while keeping a diary. You can capture important moments in it or discover new layers of yourself. Write down the things you are grateful for, and each day you will find it easier to notice them and romanticize your life.

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As you can see, there are many benefits you can experience on a daily basis if you begin to romanticize your life. Please note that this does not mean impressing anyone or sharing your progress on social media. It is a personal path designed to live with gratitude and appreciation, reduce stress, and be more connected to the present. A final note: when making comparisons, try to take the big picture. Make sure you choose reference points that will allow you to grow and not flood you with negative emotions.

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